Monday, April 18, 2011

Sweet Behavior

Sweet behavior is an art. In this world everybody wants sweet behavior from others. It is a matter of practice. It must be genuine not artificial. When we are going to make our life beautiful, gradually our behaviors are also sweet, cordial and genuine. Respect to others must be there. Each and every one of us there is divine potentiality and infinite energy. We have to look every man and woman in this respect. Anybody can make his/her life beautiful if he/she wishes. So, respect everyone and behave accordingly.

If our behavior is rude and rough, everyone who comes in contact with me will feel sad. Negative process will give negative result. After discharging negatively we can also feel guilty. Our public impression will be bad. People will try to avoid me.

On the other hand, if we behave positively, we will get positive result. It is said that courtesy cost nothing but wins much. We will also get the peace of mind.  People will remember me for my sweet behaviors. Our public impression will be also positive.

If we want respect from others, we have to respect others. If we want sweet behavior from others, we have to behave sweetly to others. It is a two way process.

Sweet behavior is highly essential in today’s world which is full of stress and strain. Moreover sweet behaviors can solve many critical solutions. To behave properly and sweetly, we have to make our character (which is a bundle of habits) beautiful by constant practices. When our life will be beautiful, our every thought, work and deed will be also beautiful. Automatically our own behavior to others will be sweet and cordial. If we want to behave sweetly without making our life beautiful, it will be artificial. When we genuinely want the welfare and prosperity of others from the core of our mind then only sweet behavior is possible.

In the beginning, speak less. Think twice before you speak. Try to use sweet words to your near and dears as far as possible. It will help you in your life making and character building process and at the same time people will get peace from your sweet words and cordial behavior. Only from this one quality of character, people will remember you throughout their life.


Sweet Behavior
Rude & Rough Behavior

  Positive Result
Negative Result

Long term Good Impression
Long term Bad Impression

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