Thursday, May 24, 2012


Attitude is our way of thinking. `Our way of thinking` is playing the key role for our future shape in life. What we think we will be. There are two types of attitude – (1) Positive mental attitude (PMA) and Negative mental attitude (NMA). When we see the brighter side of anything, it is because we have PMA. When we see the darker side of anything, it is because we have NMA. Attitude can make us strong. Attitude can make us weak. Attitude can make our human life beautiful. Attitude can make our human life dull. We can perform our every allotted work with sincerity if we possess PMA. We can perform our every allotted work with insincerity if we possess NMA. We may think our every allotted work as load, if we have NMA. We may think our every allotted work as an opportunity to serve our compatriots if we possess PMA. 

Our traditional pattern:

 `No`- is our favorite word. `I can’t`- is our ready answer. Taking my allotted assignment as `load`, is our everyday routine. We invite NMA in our life and now NMA is controlling our life as Master.

You can ask a very simple question to a group of students - `Why you are studying`? The answers you will receive like this:
Student A: I am studying to get promotion in higher classes.
Student B: I am studying to get better ranks.
Student C: I am studying to get an employment.
Student D: I am studying to learn more.
Student E: I am studying to earn more.
Student F: I am studying as per will of my parents. I have no interest at all.
Student G: I am studying to learn more and I want to serve my country by being an educated people and honest citizen.

The replies are different due to different types of attitudes. Some attitudes are PMA, some attitudes are NMA and some attitudes are mixture of PMA and NMA. Student G has a positive outlook and boarder concept of life. He possesses a positive mental attitude. When the outlook is positive, every step will be positive and the future result is positive.

It is very difficult to convert NMA into PMA. But, it is possible. For the conversion, support from your good mind is essential. If you always try to think positively and do accordingly, gradually the NMA will disappear from your mind. It is the result of good habit. When you are going to perform any work, however small it may be, do with your full sincerity. Suppose, you are writing or typing an address on the envelope. Write the full address with PIN code legibly. Suppose, you are doing an official work in your office, perform the work with your full sincerity. Your readiness and steadiness will help others who are associated with the work. If you are sincere in every work, then only you can hope that others will be sincere in their duties.

Small work, big work:

Actually, there is no division of work as small or big. We have divided the work as small and big according to our choice. All work is a work or a part of work. We have to grow positive mental attitude in our mind to perform any type of work. We have to ready and prepared ourselves for any type of work. If we perform our allotted work with our full sincerity and devotion, we will get the positive result. In addition, this positive result will make our PMA strong.

Turn problems into opportunities:

If you have positive mental attitude, you can turn problems into opportunities. When there is a problem, there is a solution and there is an opportunity also. Look at the other side of the problem with a positive mind. You will get some positive opportunity to improve yourself. If you want to solve the problem with NMA, the problem will create another new problem and the situation may be more critical.

`Shraddha` or respect must be there in every work in our life. Whenever we are going to perform any type of work, Shraddha` or respect must be there. Then only we can feel the joy of work, otherwise we will be mechanical.

 Real stories from our daily life:

A positive attitude towards life changed the life of a blind woman, who lost her eyesight in her childhood in an accident. For the full story, please read the book - `Learn to Live` (Vol. 2), page No. 254 - 257 by Swami Jagadatmananda, published by Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai, India.

Recently on 19 May 2012 Tamae Watanabe, 73 years old Japanese woman conquered the Mount Everest. She had a positive mind and she reached the top. ƒ

Friday, May 18, 2012

Play Ludo to reduce your stress

I don’t know for the last time when you have played Ludo. It may be yesterday or the twenty years ago. However the period may be, Ludo is a popular indoor game throughout the world. The playing method is very simple and the cost of the Ludo Board is very cheap. You can start playing either four or two players. When no partner is available, you can start the game with your shadow taking the double role. You can play Ludo anytime with your children, friends, peers, parents and even with your wife. If you play Ludo with your tender kids, they will feel unlimited joy. From this game, they will easily learn the method of counting and the strategic plan to win. They will make their own strategic plan for the movement of the pieces. For the time being, you can also feel joy and happiness and it will reduce your mental stress. After returning from office with a tired mind and body, you can play Ludo with your children with a cup of tea or coffee. In the Sunday afternoon, if you play Ludo with your old parents, I am sure, they will get back their golden days. In the present scenario, as parents, we are not able to give time to our children due to our busy schedule. If you play Ludo, at least once in a week, it will be fruitful for both of you. Mark the homely atmosphere, when you play Ludo with your family members.

If you not have any Ludo Board in your home just now, purchase one, by a nominal amount, when you are returning from your office. Ask your lovely children to assemble in the drawing room. Open the Ludo Board and start the game. Observe the magic change.

All the players are eagerly waiting for a six! ƒ

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Apply the method of Brainstorming

Human life is full of events. Daily we are facing different types of events from morning till night. Some events are creating some problems. Problems are natural in human life as our life is not a flower vase. Some problems are natural some problems are created. Sometimes we are puzzled with problems. We don’t know what to do, how to do to solve any particular problem. Sometimes we are getting irritated and feel helpless.

But, don’t think, that you are helpless. Negative thoughts will not give you any positive result. Be self-confident. If you look back on your past life, you will find that you have solved many critical problems.  You have the ability.  Think positively.

You can apply the method of Brainstorming. This is a term of management and modern managers use this method to solve any corporate problem jointly. We can also apply this method to solve our personal or family problem. When you are facing a problem, please take a sheet of paper and write down the possible solutions one after another. Whatever may be the solution, write it down on the sheet. Be serious in this matter and focus on the problem. You can do this either individually or jointly with your family members. If you allow your family members, from senior to junior, to express freely their views to solve any particular problem, you will get different types of solutions.  Don’t ignore the junior members considering their age, experience etc. Ask opinion also from them. Sometimes, our junior members can supply wonderful solution to any particular problem. Write down all the possible solutions on the paper sheet. Surely, you will get a concrete answer. Try to apply this method jointly, through family group discussion, to get the benefit of 1 + 1 = 3 rule.

You can solve your personal problem also through this method. Where group discussion is not possible, apply your own analytical power and write down all possible solutions on a sheet of paper. You will get some positive clue.

Group discussion is essential to take any decision in the family matter. As a head of the family, we have to increase the `skill of listening`. Due to lack of this quality, we are unable to solve any problem in our family peacefully. We think, `I am the leader of my family. All members will follow my orders`. This type of rule of thumb creates many domestic conflicts and problems. As a head of a family, we have to pay respect to all our family members from seniors to juniors. Then only you will receive respect from them. Participating management and decentralization of power is essential in every family to make it a happy and prosperous. ƒ

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The busy life of our children

Our children are like flowers

Our children are very busy now. From morning till late night, they have their schedule of programme. When we were the students of primary section, we had enough time to play with our friends. We had only two examinations in an academic year – Half yearly and the Annual Examination. Today, they have five or six unit tests along with the Annual Examination at the end of the academic calendar. The gaps between the two tests are also very small. As a result, their mental pressure is gradually increasing from their early childhood. The fear of examinations and the fear of good results are covering their natural growth. Most of the students, even from primary sections, are taking private tuition even in the afternoon (just after returning from school). They have no time to play. When others are playing in the playground, our children are going to tuition. Homework, project work, pressure of unit tests, pressure of private tuitions are gradually increasing as they are getting class promotion. Some children are also learning computer, drawings and paintings, swimming, songs, recitations, dance etc. according to their hobby or as per the will of their parents. Pressure is also coming from theses sectors. They have no free time. They have no time to play, they have no time to read their favorite storybook, they have no time to play with their dolls, and they are not enjoying their vacations or holidays. One unit test is ending another is coming. This is the age of unit tests.

Parents and guardian must come forward to solve this critical and unhappy situation. Please try to know the situation from the angle of your children. Some humble suggestions:

  1. Don’t create any mental pressure on your children.
  2. Try to understand their problems from their level.
  3. Support them.
  4. Don’t compare the academic results of your children with his/her friends.
  5. Don’t make any analysis of the question paper just after the examination is over. Sometimes, as a guardian, we are analyzing the question paper in front of the school gate!
  6. Give quality time to your children.
  7. Create a happy and positive atmosphere in your home. This type of atmosphere will help their physical and mental growth.
  8. Try, not to engage your children in private tuition in the afternoon.
  9. Guide your children in the study matters as far as possible. Your teaching will be the best teaching.
  10. Don’t rebuke them now and then. Don’t make any corporal punishment.
  11. Enjoy the weekend tours with your whole family. Weekend tours can solve many domestic problems and conflicts.
  12. Try to build their self-confidence from their early childhood.

Our children are not only the asset of our family but for the whole nation. They are the future generation. They will grow and bloom naturally. As a parents or guardian, our duty is like a gardener. If you are able to create a favorable environment, surely they will grow externally and internally. Please remember, human life is not a hundred meter race, it is like a marathon. ƒ

The friend of our childhood