Monday, May 2, 2011

Three pea experiment

Three pea experiment is a popular experiment in seed germination. Unless you create proper and suitable environment, there will be no germination of seed. The effect of proper and suitable environment is the main theme. This is true in our life also. We have infinite energy, divine potentiality. But the proper environment for the unfoldement is also essential. The flower of life will be bloom properly, when there is favorable environment.

But, what environment we are facing?  Certainly it is not favorable for the positive inner growth of our life. We are swimming through the wave of negative thoughts and ideas in our daily life. In this scenario, it is very difficult to make our life beautiful.

Now, what we can do? Just sit idle and blame our fate? Certainly NO. Create your own environment. It is a time taking process, no doubt. But there is no alternative. If you want to make your life beautiful, want to make your own character perfect, then think seriously. Create your own environment.

First, make your own room (in which you are living) neat and clean. Please keep everything in proper order. Keep some photos of great men in wall (as their lives are the burning examples of character), keep some flowers. Light incense sticks will help you to create a favorable environment. Everyday clean the room. Use dustbin and keep it in proper place. In the early morning when you leave your bed, keep your bed neat and clean. Arrange your books and study materials in proper way. The neatness of a student can be known from his/her study table. Everything must be in a proper place and in proper order. This is the first step of creation of environment. Let us start from this point. Your positive effort will encourage the other members of your family.

Swami Saradananda
When you are not getting proper environment, read some good books or magazines which will give you strength .Or listen some devotional songs.  You may exchange books to your peers or friends. You may call your peers or friends in a Sunday afternoon in your home. In this assembly, you can read some chapters from a good book. Others may discuss their views. Somebody may present devotional songs. In this way, you can create a good environment of one hour. Everybody will feel positively. Next Sunday you may assemble to other’s house. Gradually your Study Circle will get attraction to others. They will also join. Your small step may create favorable and positive environment.

But remember, we must get support from our own mind for this work. Our mind is restless. We must take steps to control our mind. We may go to the caves of the Himalayas, but, if our mind is uncontrolled, the natural scenery or the local calm environment will not help us. On the other hand, if our mind is under our control, we can make our own environment. We can learn from the life of Swami Saradanandaji Maharaj. If you visit, the Mother’s House at Baghbazar, Calcutta, you can watch the small room to the left of the entrance in the ground floor of Swami Saradananda. Swami Saradananda was the Secretary of Ramakrishna Math & Mission for nearly 30 years. This small room was his office from where he organized the movement throughout the world. In this room Swami Saradananda wrote Sri Sri Ramakrishna Leela Prasanga - the authoritative biography of Sri Ramakrishna in Bengali. Swami Saradananda wrote this biography in spite of many difficulties and responsibilities. We can get the real picture under which Swami Saradananda wrote this book in his own words: ``when Leela Prasanga was being written, there were so many problems – Holy Mother was staying upstairs, Radhu was there, the crowed of devotees, maintaining accounts, the burden of loan – as had to be taken care of. While sitting in the small room and writing, no one ventured to talk to me, all were afraid. If someone came to have a word, I would tell them to `finish quickly` and end the matter there.``

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