Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A good magazine for children

CHILDREN`S WORLD is really a good magazine for children publishing every month for the last 44 years from Children’s Book Trust, New Delhi. The most significant part of this magazine is, the children from 5 to 16 years can contribute their creations and literally they contribute. The innocent children share their thoughts and dreams through the poems, stories, drawings and paintings. Apart from this, there are `Spot the differences`, `Click for Fun`, `Junior Word Hunt`, `Word Hunt` for senior students, `Caption writing contest` etc for the children readers. Sometimes, some senior writers contribute their poems and stories. The children can up to date themselves through the current affairs - `News update` page. The editorial column in every month is inspirable to every student through out the country. Every month the children (subscriber) are eagerly waiting for a new issue, which will come through post.

There are two special numbers – April (Annual Number) – Story special and November, December – Your page special.

Subscription Rate (India) – Each copy Rs 20, 1 Year Rs 200, 2 Years Rs 380, 3 Years
Rs 550 (including postage).

You can visit for more details. 

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