Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Try Again

It is very difficult to build our character neat and perfect, considering the present scenario. But, if we have a goal or aim in our human life, we must try utmost up to the end of our life. Character building is a procedure and this is a life long event. It is not a matter of five or ten year’s project.  First, we have to believe that we can reshape our human life. We can make our human life meaningful and beautiful. How we can make our life beautiful? By building our character neatly and perfectly. There is no other way. Early risers will get the advantages. We have to cultivate good and positive thoughts in our mind. Good and positive thoughts will bring good and positive results in our life. Gradually we can feel the strength of good and positive thoughts in our life. As a result, we can encourage ourselves and at the same time we can encourage others.

Encouraging and unfreezing ourselves is the main task before us. We love to lead the same and old pattern in our daily life. If we think that, this pattern is not positive and good for my human life, we must try to change the routine. A support from your mind is essential in this matter. We have to develop the `willpower` to change our life. Because, as we all know that, when there is a change, `resistance to change` is natural. Your mind will revolt to accept the new pattern. In this position, constant practice and prayer only can manage your inner resistance. Try again and again and develop yourself. By building your character, you can feel the joy of human life. Prepare your daily routine and strictly try to follow the routine. Increase your study hours and try to use your time in a meaningful way. Our human life is short and the time is going on like a flowing river. From today, please try again to build your life as our human life is precious and a gift of God. 

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