Wednesday, September 28, 2011


We want success. We want to improve more. We want to make our life beautiful. We want to reshape our life. We want to make our character neat and clean. We want to leave our old habits. We want to re-sharpen our skills. For these, practice is absolutely necessary. Without practice for everyday, it is very difficult and sometimes it is impossible to achieve our goal. All we want success, but we do not want practice. All we want to make up our deficiencies in the stage. Daily practice is very difficult. We make our daily routine, yearly planner etc, etc. Time is going on. Our life is also going on in the same old directions. We are biologically growing everyday. But our life is not growing internally. We are not innerly improving.

Practice is essential in every field of life. If a student wants to improve his/her handwriting, practice is essential. If a student wants to improve more in mathematics, practice is essential. If a speaker wants to improve his/her oratory power, practice is essential. If a person wants to improve his/her writing skill, practice is essential. In every field of work, practice is necessary.

We know the popular proverb that practice makes a man perfect. We also want perfection. But we do not want to practice. Who is responsible for that? Our laziness. On one side, we want success and the other side we are not ready to leave our laziness. We must remember that day and night will not come together.

For every day practice, punctuality is necessary. We must be punctual in our daily practice. Otherwise laziness will come. The support of our good mind is also necessary.  There must be an aim of our human life. Our human life is precious. We must make our life beautiful and meaningful. We must unfold our inner energy. We must develop the qualities of human character. But the pledge is not sufficient. Practice is essential. Our progress will solely depend on our practices. 

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