Monday, October 24, 2011

Positive Thoughts from Early Childhood

Give your children positive thoughts from their early childhood. Otherwise, it is very difficult for you, as a guardian or parent, to rectify their old habits in their future life. Time is going on day by day. Your children are also growing day by day with some habits. These habits are may be good (positive) or may be bad (negative). These habits will make a shape in the near future. Repeated habits will make character, as human character is nothing but the bundle of habits. You are giving your children proper education in the school. Your child is scoring excellent marks in examinations year after year. But academic education is not sufficient. Academic education cannot solve the problems of real life. In the present scenario, Man-making and character-building education is not only necessary but also essential.

As a parent or guardian, give them proper education from their early childhood so that they can make their human life beautiful and meaningful. Give them positive training from their early childhood so that they can grow some good habits. At the same time, as a mentor, you also make your life beautiful. Otherwise, only vocal tonic and suggestions will not make any fruitful result.

Today all we are worried about the future of our children. All we want to see the brighter future. We are investing lakhs of rupees for their education every year. But we are not worried about their human life, which is precious. We are not worried about their bad habits. We are not worried about their character, which is the main structure of human life.

From the early childhood, give them proper education. That education, which makes your child as a MAN. Give them the idea of unselfishness. Give them the idea of self-confidence. Give them the idea of wide outlook to love the neighbors, to love the near and distant relatives. Give them the positive thought to love their Motherland. Train and guide them from their early childhood so that they can make their human character beautiful.

If you can, then you are a real teacher. You will be hero in the life of your children. Your children will only remember you for this positive direction. They will also guide their children as you are guiding them today.

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