Thursday, December 22, 2011

An Appointment Diary

Like every year, last Saturday, I have purchased an appointment diary for 2012 by only Rs 30. It is an ordinary diary but very useful. Every year in November / December, I used to go to market to purchase an appointment diary for myself. I record all my appointments and `work to be done` in that diary. I have no idea regarding this. I have learnt the art of recording appointments from Revered Swami Saradatmanandaji Maharaj, the then President of Ramakrishna Math, Midnapore in the year 1988. It was the month of May. I went to market to purchase an appointment diary just after returning from the Math. But, it was very difficult to get a new year’s diary in the month of May. However, somehow I managed one. From the year 1989, I never forget to purchase an appointment diary.

This is a small diary and you can easily carry this in your journey. Nowadays, for appointments or `work to be done`, we use our mobile phone. But, diary, in written form in your own handwritings has no alternatives. As I told you earlier, to execute every appointment, diary is important in our daily life. We are leading a very busy life. We have to do different types of work for myself and for my family members. If we record our work earlier in the diary, it will give us alarm well in advance. If you seriously try to follow this diary, you can easily execute at least 80% of work in proper time. You can record your important work for the coming year. You can also manage your time; plan your coming holiday trip etc. If you like, you can record your appointment or coming work by purchasing an appointment diary today by paying a nominal amount.

Make an appointment to purchase your Appointment Diary for 2012. Happy New Year.

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