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Brajarajpur in Bankura District (West Bengal) is famous from the ancient period for the temple of Sri Sri Shyamsundar Jiu. The main deity is Sri Shyamsundar and Sri Radhika. The literally meaning of Brajaraj is `the king of Braja`.  Brajadham is a place near Mathura where Sri Krishna passed his childhood days. The king of Braja is Sri Krishna. Sri Shyamsundar is the other name of Sri Krishna.

The temple of Sri Shyamsundar Jiu is the main temple of Brajarajpur. It is locally known as `Shyamer than` - The holy place of Shyam (Sri Shyamsundar). The temple is nearly 400 years old. Last renovation of the temple was done nearly 101 years ago. The main festivals of this temple are Rassyatra and Dolyatra (Holi festival). Sacred Bhog Prasad is available in the temple during noontime daily.

Brajarajpur is one of the Gram panchaytas of Indpur Block under Khatra subdivision of Bankura district. Brajarajpur is a prosperous village. Goswamis are the main inhabitants of this village.

How to reach: From Bankura Gobinda Nagar Bus stand, take buses towards Khatra via Indpur. Bus Stoppage - Dangarampur. From Dangarampur, Rickshaws and Cars are available towards the temple (nearly 3 km).  The distance from Bankura town to Brajarajpur is nearly 20 km. Hired cars are also available from Bankura Railway station.

Main entrance of the Temple


Kirtan Mandapam

Front view of the Temple

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