Sunday, April 29, 2012

The other side of Summer

At present, we are all fighting against summer. The temperature is increasing day by day; sometimes it is crossing 40 degree Celsius. The heat is tremendous. Without umbrella or sunglass, it is very difficult for us for any outdoor programme. The school going children are affected more. The demand for Ice cream, cold drink, Refrigerator, Air Cooler machine, AC machine even for electric fan is increasing day by day. Load shading and mosquito biting is the daily evening programme. All we are waiting for a drop of rain.

But, look at this flowers. These are the flower of summer. They are blooming and laughing against all the odds. We can learn from these flowers. Our human life is also not the bed of roses. There is up and down, there is struggle and success, there is sufferings and also happiness. The odds may be there, but we have to strive hard to overcome the odds. Our human life is precious and inner struggle for our self-development is the sign of life. This is real life management.

 Swami Vivekananda wrote a wonderful letter to his western disciple, Swami Kripananda from Switzerland during August 1896. In the envelope, Swamiji sent `few hardy flowers` to the disciple. Swamiji wrote - `I went to the glacier of Monte Rosa yesterday and gathered a few hardy flowers growing almost in the midst of eternal snow. I send you one in this letter hoping that you will attain to a similar spiritual hardihood amidst all the snow and ice of this earthly life.`  ƒ

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