Thursday, May 10, 2012

The busy life of our children

Our children are like flowers

Our children are very busy now. From morning till late night, they have their schedule of programme. When we were the students of primary section, we had enough time to play with our friends. We had only two examinations in an academic year – Half yearly and the Annual Examination. Today, they have five or six unit tests along with the Annual Examination at the end of the academic calendar. The gaps between the two tests are also very small. As a result, their mental pressure is gradually increasing from their early childhood. The fear of examinations and the fear of good results are covering their natural growth. Most of the students, even from primary sections, are taking private tuition even in the afternoon (just after returning from school). They have no time to play. When others are playing in the playground, our children are going to tuition. Homework, project work, pressure of unit tests, pressure of private tuitions are gradually increasing as they are getting class promotion. Some children are also learning computer, drawings and paintings, swimming, songs, recitations, dance etc. according to their hobby or as per the will of their parents. Pressure is also coming from theses sectors. They have no free time. They have no time to play, they have no time to read their favorite storybook, they have no time to play with their dolls, and they are not enjoying their vacations or holidays. One unit test is ending another is coming. This is the age of unit tests.

Parents and guardian must come forward to solve this critical and unhappy situation. Please try to know the situation from the angle of your children. Some humble suggestions:

  1. Don’t create any mental pressure on your children.
  2. Try to understand their problems from their level.
  3. Support them.
  4. Don’t compare the academic results of your children with his/her friends.
  5. Don’t make any analysis of the question paper just after the examination is over. Sometimes, as a guardian, we are analyzing the question paper in front of the school gate!
  6. Give quality time to your children.
  7. Create a happy and positive atmosphere in your home. This type of atmosphere will help their physical and mental growth.
  8. Try, not to engage your children in private tuition in the afternoon.
  9. Guide your children in the study matters as far as possible. Your teaching will be the best teaching.
  10. Don’t rebuke them now and then. Don’t make any corporal punishment.
  11. Enjoy the weekend tours with your whole family. Weekend tours can solve many domestic problems and conflicts.
  12. Try to build their self-confidence from their early childhood.

Our children are not only the asset of our family but for the whole nation. They are the future generation. They will grow and bloom naturally. As a parents or guardian, our duty is like a gardener. If you are able to create a favorable environment, surely they will grow externally and internally. Please remember, human life is not a hundred meter race, it is like a marathon. ƒ

The friend of our childhood

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