Sunday, May 13, 2012

Apply the method of Brainstorming

Human life is full of events. Daily we are facing different types of events from morning till night. Some events are creating some problems. Problems are natural in human life as our life is not a flower vase. Some problems are natural some problems are created. Sometimes we are puzzled with problems. We don’t know what to do, how to do to solve any particular problem. Sometimes we are getting irritated and feel helpless.

But, don’t think, that you are helpless. Negative thoughts will not give you any positive result. Be self-confident. If you look back on your past life, you will find that you have solved many critical problems.  You have the ability.  Think positively.

You can apply the method of Brainstorming. This is a term of management and modern managers use this method to solve any corporate problem jointly. We can also apply this method to solve our personal or family problem. When you are facing a problem, please take a sheet of paper and write down the possible solutions one after another. Whatever may be the solution, write it down on the sheet. Be serious in this matter and focus on the problem. You can do this either individually or jointly with your family members. If you allow your family members, from senior to junior, to express freely their views to solve any particular problem, you will get different types of solutions.  Don’t ignore the junior members considering their age, experience etc. Ask opinion also from them. Sometimes, our junior members can supply wonderful solution to any particular problem. Write down all the possible solutions on the paper sheet. Surely, you will get a concrete answer. Try to apply this method jointly, through family group discussion, to get the benefit of 1 + 1 = 3 rule.

You can solve your personal problem also through this method. Where group discussion is not possible, apply your own analytical power and write down all possible solutions on a sheet of paper. You will get some positive clue.

Group discussion is essential to take any decision in the family matter. As a head of the family, we have to increase the `skill of listening`. Due to lack of this quality, we are unable to solve any problem in our family peacefully. We think, `I am the leader of my family. All members will follow my orders`. This type of rule of thumb creates many domestic conflicts and problems. As a head of a family, we have to pay respect to all our family members from seniors to juniors. Then only you will receive respect from them. Participating management and decentralization of power is essential in every family to make it a happy and prosperous. ƒ

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