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Attitude is our way of thinking. `Our way of thinking` is playing the key role for our future shape in life. What we think we will be. There are two types of attitude – (1) Positive mental attitude (PMA) and Negative mental attitude (NMA). When we see the brighter side of anything, it is because we have PMA. When we see the darker side of anything, it is because we have NMA. Attitude can make us strong. Attitude can make us weak. Attitude can make our human life beautiful. Attitude can make our human life dull. We can perform our every allotted work with sincerity if we possess PMA. We can perform our every allotted work with insincerity if we possess NMA. We may think our every allotted work as load, if we have NMA. We may think our every allotted work as an opportunity to serve our compatriots if we possess PMA. 

Our traditional pattern:

 `No`- is our favorite word. `I can’t`- is our ready answer. Taking my allotted assignment as `load`, is our everyday routine. We invite NMA in our life and now NMA is controlling our life as Master.

You can ask a very simple question to a group of students - `Why you are studying`? The answers you will receive like this:
Student A: I am studying to get promotion in higher classes.
Student B: I am studying to get better ranks.
Student C: I am studying to get an employment.
Student D: I am studying to learn more.
Student E: I am studying to earn more.
Student F: I am studying as per will of my parents. I have no interest at all.
Student G: I am studying to learn more and I want to serve my country by being an educated people and honest citizen.

The replies are different due to different types of attitudes. Some attitudes are PMA, some attitudes are NMA and some attitudes are mixture of PMA and NMA. Student G has a positive outlook and boarder concept of life. He possesses a positive mental attitude. When the outlook is positive, every step will be positive and the future result is positive.

It is very difficult to convert NMA into PMA. But, it is possible. For the conversion, support from your good mind is essential. If you always try to think positively and do accordingly, gradually the NMA will disappear from your mind. It is the result of good habit. When you are going to perform any work, however small it may be, do with your full sincerity. Suppose, you are writing or typing an address on the envelope. Write the full address with PIN code legibly. Suppose, you are doing an official work in your office, perform the work with your full sincerity. Your readiness and steadiness will help others who are associated with the work. If you are sincere in every work, then only you can hope that others will be sincere in their duties.

Small work, big work:

Actually, there is no division of work as small or big. We have divided the work as small and big according to our choice. All work is a work or a part of work. We have to grow positive mental attitude in our mind to perform any type of work. We have to ready and prepared ourselves for any type of work. If we perform our allotted work with our full sincerity and devotion, we will get the positive result. In addition, this positive result will make our PMA strong.

Turn problems into opportunities:

If you have positive mental attitude, you can turn problems into opportunities. When there is a problem, there is a solution and there is an opportunity also. Look at the other side of the problem with a positive mind. You will get some positive opportunity to improve yourself. If you want to solve the problem with NMA, the problem will create another new problem and the situation may be more critical.

`Shraddha` or respect must be there in every work in our life. Whenever we are going to perform any type of work, Shraddha` or respect must be there. Then only we can feel the joy of work, otherwise we will be mechanical.

 Real stories from our daily life:

A positive attitude towards life changed the life of a blind woman, who lost her eyesight in her childhood in an accident. For the full story, please read the book - `Learn to Live` (Vol. 2), page No. 254 - 257 by Swami Jagadatmananda, published by Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai, India.

Recently on 19 May 2012 Tamae Watanabe, 73 years old Japanese woman conquered the Mount Everest. She had a positive mind and she reached the top. ƒ

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