Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Everyday we make hundreds of commitment in our daily life, like this:

  1. Don’t worry; I will come back here exactly at 5 pm. (to a friend)
  2. As soon as I reached there, I will make a phone to you. (to mother)
  3. Don’t make tension, I am always with you. (to a friend)
  4. Don’t worry Sir; I will surely give you feedback. (to Boss)
  5. Every Sunday I will write a letter to you. (to mother)
  6. I will give you all information regarding this. (to a friend)
  7. In the coming month, I will surely buy a cycle for you. (father to children)
  8. From tomorrow, I will try to improve my handwriting. (student to teacher)
  9. Leave today Sir, from tomorrow I shall be punctual (teacher to Headmaster)
  10. From 1st January, I will wake up early (to myself)

There are several examples like this. But we are not so serious to fulfill our commitment. Life is going on and we make many excuses for the non fulfillment of this commitment. Actually, we are not so serious when we are making commitments.   I am eagerly waiting for an important feedback from a friend, but days are going on, the feedback is not coming. I have promised to my mother that I will write a letter to her every Sunday and mail it on Monday, but weeks after weeks are passing by, I have no time for her. My mother is eagerly waiting for my letter in my native land. My friend is waiting for myself from 5 pm (as promised) but when I reached there it is 7 pm. This is the overall result! Who is responsible for this sad situation? We blame everyone in the universe except me.

Please take your commitments seriously otherwise as Swami Vivekananda said, ``people lose their faith in you.`` Swamiji wrote in this letter (Dated: 4th October, 1895) - ``Whenever you promise to do any work, you must do it exactly at the appointed time, or people lose their faith in you. Money matters require a speedy reply…… Business is business…..``

v     Purchase today an Appointment Diary (cost is Rs 30 to 40 only) and record your all appointments.
v     Use yearly planner.
v     Use your mobile phone (to- do- note – mark/unmark)
v     Set alarm in your mobile phone for any appointment or predetermined work.
v     Be serious in giving feedback.
v     When you are giving feedback, try to give 360 degree feedback.
v     If you fail to give feedback by phone or E mail use alternative channel.
v     Be serious while you are making commitments.
v     Think twice before making any commitment.
v     Manage your time and make a plan.

It is said that, if there is a will there is a way. If you wish, you can do it exactly at the appointed time. The commitment of Pandit Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar (1820-1891) to his mother to attend the marriage ceremony of his brother is world famous. He crossed the river Damodar in a rainy night to attend the party. Prepare yourself for this type of devotion and commitment. It is possible.

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