Thursday, March 24, 2011

Delete the layers

Always think positively. Make it a habit by constant practice. Generally we are accustomed with negative ideas and thoughts from our childhood. This is the pattern of life. Whenever we are going to do any work, our own mind gives us negative signals. Sometimes we also convey negative signals to our near and dears. Whenever we think negatively, we are making a layer on our divine potentiality. Our life is going on and these layers (created by ourselves) are thicker day by day. As a result, we are not observing the light of our precious human life. We think we are helpless, nothing to do, blame to our fate and gradually these negative ideas - personified. When this is personified, we convey these negative ideas to our family members, to our friends, to our peers, even to our own children. Gradually they are also negatively encouraged. This is an alarming problem in our society.

Always cultivate positive thoughts in your mind. Read holy books which give you strength. Think positively and act positively. Spread the message of positive thoughts to the world. Always say to yourself: I have a sound body, I have a sound mind. I have got this precious human life. I will make this life beautiful. I have infinite energy, I have infinite potentiality. I must develop my inner human qualities by constant practices. I will make my character neat and clean, I will develop more so that I can serve more to my brothers and sisters. I shall be a good citizen which is the need of the present time. Daily repeat it five times and act accordingly. I am sure within 15 days you will get strength. There is no magic. If you read it daily five times, indirectly you are deleting the layers of negative thoughts from your life. Gradually you can feel the strength of this precious human life. This is the wonderful result of positive thoughts.

If you try, you can. Human life is not the bed of roses. There are ups and downs. But struggle, to overcome this, must be there. Struggle for inner development is the sign of life. If you read the life history of the great men of the world, you will find their struggle to overcome the negative ideas and thoughts. Their lives are the burning examples of positive ideas and thoughts. They spread the positive thought to the world throughout their life.

We will get the power of positive message from the following incident told by Swami Vivekananda in his lecture `Man the maker of his destiny` (CW: 8-186):

`I was once traveling in the Himalayas and the long road stretched before us. We poor monks cannot get any one to carry us, so we had to make all the way on foot. There was an old man with us. The way goes up and down for hundreds of miles, and when that old monk saw what was before him, he said, ``Oh, sir, how to cross it; I cannot walk any more; my chest will break.`` I said to him, ``Look down at your feet.`` He did so, and I said, ``The road that is under your feet is the road that you have passed over and is the same road that you see before you: it will soon be under your feet.``  

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