Thursday, March 3, 2011

Enrich yourself

Learning is a continuous process. There is no end of learning. Learn from everyone. Learn from nature. We have to cultivate learning oriented attitude in our life. Don’t be pessimistic. Always see the bright side of opportunities. Time is precious and it is going on. Use your spare time in a meaningful way. That is actual smartness.

Enrich yourself. You will get the joy of life. Enrich yourself externally and internally. Learn new things. There is no age bar of learning. You can start from this moment. Increase your study hours. Increase your reading skill, increase your writing skill. Please read good books which will give you mental strength. Just you spend only 1% of your monthly income in purchasing books, periodicals and journals. Read newspaper daily. Watch national and international news in television in a particular time. Learn computer. Up to date yourself and re-sharpen your skills. Learn how to cook. Learn how to press the garments. Learn how to write a letter. Learn how to write the address on the envelope. Learn how to seal the envelope. Learn how to make a proper telephone call. Learn how to read a poem. Learn how to control your wastage in the family. Learn how to fill up the return of your Income Tax.  Learn how to cover a book. There is no end of learning.

Academically you must be sound.  You can take the opportunities of various distance education courses offered by different Universities. In this way you can enhanced your academic qualification.  If you have time, interest and requisite qualification, you can start research work under a proper guide. Write your Diary every day and record your improvements. Engage yourself in a meaningful process. There is no result in just sitting idle and blame your fate. You know the negative result of an idle mind.

Enrich yourself internally. Please grow the good habits in your life which will form your character in the long run. Your thought, conversation and work must be neat and clean. People will remember you for your sweet behavior. Respect senior citizen. Learn also from juniors. Feel for the poor. Do something for them according to your capacity. Gradually expand your heart, think for others.

Lead the life of a man in a meaningful way. Your journey will inspire others.

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