Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to manage your work?

The work load is increasing day by day. There are different types of work. Our official work, our duties towards our family, some social services -How to manage? We are leaving our bed in the morning with a heavy work load in our mind. There is no end of work. Just I finish one work, another is alarming. Sometimes we are restless, feeling irritated. The burning question is, how to manage our work?

As I said earlier, an appointment diary will help you in this matter. If you are not maintaining an appointment diary, please purchase one from your local book store. It costs just Rs 30-40 only. Record all your work-to-do in that diary (date wise). Record the `Holiday List` of your organization (in which you are working) in that diary. Then only you can make a previous plan. Let us take an example. Suppose you have to pay Rs 500 as Insurance premium for your two wheelers on 20 September, 2011. Now March is going on. Just open the page of 20 Sept and record this work on that day. This is not enough. Open the page of 13 Sept (7 days before) and record that `the renewal date for Insurance premium is on 20 Sept.` It will alert you well in advance. Now, in this seven days you can contact your agent; give him the related papers and the fees. You will get the renewed copy in time. This is just an example. But if you follow this routine, your journey will be smooth. You can use your cell phone also for previous planning. If you record the holiday list, you can make a plan well in advance for your outdoor work. You can make a plan for a short weekend tour also if Monday is a holiday in any month.

There are different types of work we have to do in a day or in a week. Make a priority list and follow the list. If possible, decentralize your family workload among the family members. It is not possible for you to do all types of work as a head of the family. Allow your children to do some work. Give them freedom and guide them. They will also help you to share your load.  Encourage them. Gradually they will learn from the experiences.

Regarding official work, you can reduce the workload by your sincerity and punctuality. Do your allotted work as fast as possible. Every work must be neat and clean. Come your office in exact time and leave your office in schedule time. This is the first condition to reduce the workload. Always cultivate positive attitude in your mind. If you are not able to love your work then how can you expect that you will finish your daily work? Motivate yourself. Learn from everyone. Give proper respect to each and every employee in your office. Help your colleague, when necessary. Please remember your sincerity and punctuality will inspire others, especially your juniors in the office.

Start your daily life as early as possible. If you leave your bed just 30 minutes before, you will get extra15 hours in a month! Active period in our human life is only 20-30 years. So, don’t waste your time. Alertness is necessary.

Don’t waste your time. Always use your 24 hours in a meaningful way. Make proper use your wrist watch. Make a weekly plan on Sunday for the coming week. Try to follow the plan in 7 days. If you divide your time among different types of work, certainly you will do a lot of work in 24 hours. But planning is necessary and the most important thing is to follow that plan. This is a tough work. Come and accept it. 

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