Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Save your coins

The purchasing power of money is decreasing day by day. Nowadays the coins are more or less valueless. Sometimes we ignore the returns in the market. Here is a humble suggestion. We can save our coins and use it in a meaningful way. Whenever we return from market, we can save the coins in a piggy bank. After six months or more the coins will be an amount of Rs 50-60. Easily we can convert this savings in paper currency in a nearby grocery shop. Now, from this amount you can help a needy primary or secondary student in your locality or some poor helpless widow mothers in your locality. It will bear no extra cost in your financial budget. Your amount may be small, but remember every drop of water makes the ocean.
v     You can purchase a geometry box and present to a student who is going to school regularly.
v     You can purchase some exercise copies for some needy students.
v     You can purchase an atlas book and present to a needy student.
v     You can purchase a Dictionary and present to a girl student who is serious in her studies.
v     You can purchase woolen garments in winter and present to a helpless widow mother.
v     During festival seasons you can present something to someone who is in a poor state.
v     Every month you can help someone from this small savings.

There are different types of options. Just you make it a habit to save your coins in a piggy bank and after sometimes, use it in a meaningful way. A geometry box is nothing to you, but it has more value to a needy student whose father is a daily labor. When you present something to someone, just see his/her bright face with a pleasant smile. I am sure; their unlimited joy can’t be measurable in terms of money. You can also feel the joy as you are breaking your created limited boundary. Gradually you can feel their pain, their struggle, their entreaty and their indomitable spirit for development. A small step by you can bring the dawn in others life. 

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