Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The flower of life

We can make our life beautiful. Human life is precious. Each one of us there is infinite energy and potential power. We have to manifest it by constant practice. This is life making or you can say, character building. Character is a bundle of habits – good or bad. If the habits are good, there is a good character or vice versa. A repeated work may form a habit. So, we must take utmost caution when we are going to do any work. In this position, we can take the help of our analysis power. Analyze every work –whether it is giving you strength or weakness. If the work gives you the strength, accept it.  If it is produces weakness, leave it. Always cultivate good and holy thoughts in your mind. A good reading will help you. There are certain qualities of a good character, such as self respect, self confidence, punctuality, courage etc. Exercises of these qualities are essential from the childhood. Early risers will get the advantages. A gardener helps the flower blooming. He takes every care for the protection of the bud, supplies water, give fertilizers etc. Through his hard labor, we are getting flowers in the garden. Protection of bud is essential. From the childhood, we must take care of our precious life to make it meaningful. If we build our life, we can serve more - like flowers.

Theoretically, the method of character building is very easy to understand. But only the travelers know the up and downs of the road. There is no short cut formula. It is a matter of life long practices. I will make my life beautiful, I will manifest my inner qualities – this type of determination is essential. A positive attitude towards the life will make us strong. Each step in the life making process will give us success. May be the successes are small, but they will give us strength to go forward.

If we can make our life beautiful, then we will be a good citizen. We can serve more to our society. Our personal life will also good and peaceful. 

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