Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The power of work

When we are going to do any work, we have to take utmost care to make it perfect. Through this perfect work, we can make ourselves perfect. Take this opportunity. Don’t take any work as a `load `. We must change our attitude. A positive attitude is essential to do any work. If we have negative attitude, we must not get peace of mind, our present daily life will be restless and our inner growth will hamper. We must cultivate positive attitude among ourselves. Each and every work is great. There is no division of work. We have divided the work as great, medium and petty. Swami Vivekananda (1863 -1902) wrote in a letter to one of his disciples, Swami Shuddhananda, `` No work is petty. Everything in this world is like a banyan-seed, which, though appearing tiny as a mustard-seed, has yet the gigantic banyan tree latent within it. He indeed is intelligent who notices this and succeeds in making all work truly great. ``

When we are going to do any work, first we have to make up our mind. Our mind is not under our control. It is restless. Our mind controls ourselves. So, mental concentration is necessary. If we have concentration, our work will be better because a trained mind never make mistake.

Mental concentration is difficult but it is not impossible. It is a matter of life long practices. When we are performing worship in the temples, we make utmost caution but when we are going to perform other allotted duties, we are not so serious. This type of dual personality is the result of our tricky mind. Each and every one of us there is infinite energy, we must manifest it.

We have to do every work with our full concentration to make it perfect. If we have respect, love and positive attitude towards our work, it will give us the best result. Through this perfect and selfless work we can grow our inner life.

Swam Vivekananda told a story: `` whatever you do, devote your whole mind, heart and soul to it. I once met a great sannyasin, who cleansed his brass cooking utensils, making them shine like gold, with as much care and attention as he bestowed on his worship and meditation.``

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