Friday, February 11, 2011

They want nothing except Love

Love your parents. Think of your childhood days. You were baby, unable to do your own work – a helpless state. Your mother nurtured you, your father earned by his hard labor. They invested their all. They gave you proper food, protection, shelter and education. They had no high hopes. They only wanted to see your smiling face.

You may think that this is a chain process. I am also giving my babies proper food, protection, shelter and education etc. It is my duty. You may be correct. But as you are growing older day by day, your parents are also growing older day by day. Just thirty years ago they were young and active, now they are struggling with their diminishing physical strengths. You are now very busy, no time to spend with your family, especially with your old parents. Sometimes they are feeling neglecting.

The time is going on. One day you will retire from your busy schedule, you will be old, your senses will give you wake up alarms. Who will look after you? Who will give you a glass of drinking water? Your son? Remember, he is watching your activities from his childhood.

Leave logic. Do you know your old mother is eagerly waiting for your letter or a phone for several days? Do you know even today, she is praying every night to God for your welfare? It is said that the depth of an ocean may be fathomable but the loving heart of a mother is unfathomable.

Love your parents. Respect them. Education, money, social statuses are all meaningless without the blessings of your parents.

v     Make arrangements for their annual health check up.
v     Involve them in family decision making system.
v     Respect their long experiences.
v     Make arrangements for a family tour, at least once in a year.
v     Give them occasional gift.

Swami Vivekananda said, `Knowing that mother and father are the visible representatives of God, the householder, always and by all means, must please them. If the mother is pleased, and the father, God is pleased with the man. That child is really a good child who never speaks harsh words to his parents.
Before parents one must not utter jokes, must not show restlessness, must not show anger or temper. Before mother or father, a child must bow down low, and stand up in their presence, and must not take a seat until they order him to sit.
If the householder has food and drink and clothes without first seeing that his mother and his father, his children, his wife, and the poor, are supplied, he is committing a sin. The mother and the father are the causes of this body; so a man must undergo a thousand troubles in order to do good to them. ` (C.W. 1:43)

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