Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Myopia is an alarming problem among the tender kids nowadays. Sometimes it is not detected in proper times as there is no report to the guardians from the other side. Most school going kids are wearing spectacles day and night with many difficulties.

A recent study:
``That outdoor activity protects you from myopia? Myopia, or short-sightedness, is usually triggered during the school years. A recent study by a team of researchers suggests that intensive reading or other ``near work`` or genetic inheritance are minor factors in myopia. What plays a more significant role is the amount of outdoor activity. And, apparently, the time spent outdoors is of more significance than the physical involvement in games. So, maybe, it is the intensity of light outside that is more important. `` (Telekids, The Telegraph, Wednesday, 9 Feb, 2011)

We have passed our childhood days in outdoor games and activities. BNR football ground at Kharagpur was our oasis. This football ground is a silent witness of our golden days. The scenario has changed. There is no scope of outdoor games of modern school going kids. The problems are:
  1. They are mostly single child;
  2. As they are single, they are mostly attention seekers;
  3. They want to play but they have no friends;
  4. Naturally, they are indoor oriented.
  5. In the beautiful afternoon they have to go for private tuition.
  6. They are watching television hours after hours or playing computer games.

Parents and guardians must come forward to solve these problems. Please go to an afternoon walk with your kids. Leave your car in the garage. Enjoy the walking. Play with your kids in the play ground. Your kids will be delighted and also you. Give one hour of your busy schedule to your kids. In the long run, it will return.

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