Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good Handwriting

Every student from his/her childhood must strive for good handwriting seriously. The overall picture of student’s handwriting is not satisfactory. Most of the students are not aware of good handwriting. They have sized the letter according to their choice. Many students are aware that their handwritings are not good, but they have no intention to make it better. Years after years they are getting promotion in higher classes with their diminishing quality of handwriting. Few students are eagerly wanted to improve their handwriting, but due to lack of serious practice the condition is unaltered.

Good handwriting is a matter of practice, not a magic. If you want to improve your handwriting, you must follow and try to write every letter as printed in text. Early risers will get the advantage.

Parents and guardians must take utmost attention when they are guiding their school going kids in this matter. Please instruct your children to follow and write every letter as written in the scripts. Repeated corrections are essential. If available, motivate them to use fountain pen and ruled copy in the beginning. Success will come through practice.

Mahatma Gandhi wrote in his autobiography (`The Story of my Experiments with Truth`):
``……..I do not know whence I got the notion that good handwriting was not a necessary part of education, but I retained it until I went to England. When later, especially in South Africa, I saw the beautiful handwriting of lawyers and young men born and educated in South Africa, I was ashamed of myself and repented of my neglect. I saw that bad handwriting should be regarded as a sign of an imperfect education. I tried later to improve mine, but it was too late. I could never repair the neglect of my youth. Let every young man and woman be warned by my example, and understand that good handwriting is a necessary part of education. ``

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