Monday, February 21, 2011

Magic Reaction

If you have a baby then you are a lucky man in the world. Help them to bloom properly by creating a favorable environment. Your duty is like a gardener. They will grow naturally. From their early childhood give them proper morale education. Only academic education is not sufficient. Grow their good habits by demonstrating your life as an example. First you make your life beautiful. Then only you are able to guide them properly. Understand them. Carrot and stick approach is the word of past. Strict control will hamper their natural growth. Everybody wants freedom as freedom is the song of the soul.  Your babies are the visible representation of the God. They are so innocent! From their early childhood tell them the stories of faith, courage and self confidence. Uncanny stories will not give you the desired results. Brick by brick build their good character. Then only they can face the problems of life individually in their adolescence period.
Do you know that your babies consider you as their hero? They are following your activities.
Your Action
Magic Reaction
If you wash thoroughly your hands with liquid soap before every lunch and dinner
Your children will also wash thoroughly their hands with liquid soap before every lunch and dinner.
If you watch television hours after hours
Your children will also watch television hours after hours.
If you are punctual in office
They will also punctual in schools.
If you neat and clean in every matter
They will also neat and clean.
If you respect your parents
Your children will also respect their grand parents.
If you are financially honest
They will also financially honest in future.
If you help your wife in domestic work
They will also help their mother in domestic work.
If you read newspaper daily
They will also try to read the newspaper from their early childhood.
If you are able to create a good culture in your home
They will follow it.

A sweet home

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